3 Things I Love about Evangelicals

Evangelicals often get a lot of flak…including from fellow evangelicals. And sometimes deservedly so. I don’t care to defend the stupid things evangelical Christians do. It’s safe to say they can be easy target.  

Yet in spite of their problems, here are three things I love about evangelicals:

1. Evangelicals are all about the Bible. I want the sacred text of the Old and New Testaments to be the primary governing and shaping element in my life. So, I love that evangelical Christians are committed to the authority and truth of the Bible. They have it on their phones, attend home Bible studies, open it up on Sunday mornings, highlight its pages, get multiple translations, read it early in the mornings, put verses on their walls, etc. Evangelicals are uncompromising on their priority of Bible.

2. Evangelicals get that it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus. In a religious world that can often be about empty rituals, endless doctrinal checklists, or emotional excitement, the mantra of evangelicalism that ultimately “it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus” holds true. Evangelicals despise legalism and speak out against performing deeds to gain divine favor. Many understand that while doctrine is important, people from different perspectives can still be authentic Christians who love Jesus and disagree with each other. You can perform all the right actions, go by the book, raise your hand to the right songs, but at the end of the day if you don’t know Jesus personally, then you’ve missed Him. Evangelicals emphasize encountering Jesus personally for yourself.

3. Evangelicals care about evangelism. In a broken and dark world, evangelicals feel the urgency of the spreading gospel to their neighbors and people around the world. That is to say they take the great commission seriously. They deeply care about people’s eternal well being, and so go out into the world to sacrificially proclaim to people the good news of Jesus. Nearly every evangelical congregation has a missions committee and/or missionary team posted out somewhere doing the work of God’s kingdom: feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, providing clothes to the naked, rescuing people from evil, and preaching the good news. Evangelicals believers are deeply mission minded.

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