How to Read Revelation (and avoid some common mistakes)

Are we living in the last Days? Are these the last days? Are we living in the end times? Are these the end times? Is coronavirus God’s judgment? Is Jesus coming soon? How to understand the book of Revelation? How to read the book of Revelation, Richard Bauckham, Peter Leithart, Hermeneutics, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, Craig Keener, Christian theology podcast, Evangelicalism, Evangelical Theology podcast, Charismatic Anglican,

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2 thoughts on “How to Read Revelation (and avoid some common mistakes)”

  1. This was an interesting conversation especially given the current world circumstances. Thanks for talking about this. I admit I have wondered if we are living in the last days and have been trying to read and understand more of Revelation. I think it’s true that we should always live like we’re in the last days. Appreciate the conversation. Thanks.

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