Malayalee Pentecostalism, with Sheb and Sam Varghese


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What is Malayalee Pentecostalism? What is the future of Malayalee Pentecostalism? Listen in on the Faith Colloquium podcast, with Sheb and Sam Varghese.


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6 thoughts on “Malayalee Pentecostalism, with Sheb and Sam Varghese”

  1. Malayalee Pentecostalism is still around today. I think there are good and bad things about the MP church. Thanks for telling your thoughts.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Malayalee Pentecostal church. I definitely disagree with some of the points that were made but can understand why you made them. Specifically the belief the Indian Pentecostal church can only survive based on the influx of immigrants. But I’m so glad you’re creating a space for deep conversations regarding faith.

    1. Thanks for your comment Nina.

      Yes, admittedly my brother and I haven’t been in Malayalee Pentecostal circles for several years, and so are a bit out of the loop about its current state. Will be curious to see where things will be in the future.

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