“Ask Me A Question”

Do we ask each other good questions?

Are we eager to speak or listen?

Why does this matter?

More and more I’ve been convicted of the value of asking good questions.Three memories come to mind as I reflect on the significance of questions.

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Evaluating Different Belief Systems

In the course of our lives, many of us change our minds from one set of beliefs to another. Why is that? Often it is because we discover some problem with that initial set of beliefs that we can no longer tolerate whether it be dualism, physicalism, Calvinism, open Theism, atheism, Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, cessationism, continuationism, etc. Moving from system A to system B can feel strange because sometimes you had reasons for not subscribing to system B that had to do with the problems in that system. What this demonstrates is that in every system, every worldview, there are pills you’re going to have to swallow. And the question to ask is which pills am I okay with swallowing. Think of evaluating different belief systems like this. Suppose you’re trying to buy a jigsaw puzzle at the store and there are all these different puzzle-sellers offering different puzzles. But none of the puzzles have all the pieces. All the boxes are missing some part of the puzzle. One puzzle might be a 1000 puzzle pieces and missing 500 pieces, but another puzzle might be… Read More »Evaluating Different Belief Systems

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