Batman and Violence

One critical response or obstacle some people may have to making any connection between Batman and Jesus is that Batman seems to be such a violent and vengeful character. Someone may think, “How can you uphold someone who is so aggressive and commits such violent deeds as a Christ figure?” I can certainly sympathize with that critique, so let me try to offer a few different responses 1. Batman does not go out on the streets of Gotham because he wants to commit violence. Bruce Wayne isn’t sitting in Wayne Manor thinking, “I really just want to get my hands bloody tonight.” In other words, he doesn’t get his thrills from committing acts of violence. He sinks down into Gotham to rid the city of corruption, evil, wickedness, and uses physicality as a means to do that because sadly in the case of Gotham, it has become infected with such great evil and it is so widespread that Batman has to use extreme tactics to expunge out the infection. It cannot be solved easily or neatly, rather it takes great suffering and pain.  2. Given… Read More »Batman and Violence

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Witches, Warlocks, and Magic

Growing up in a conservative Christian home there were some things that were considered sort of… “off limits.” And one of those things was books, tv shows, or movies that had anything to do with magic, or more specifically, witchcraft.

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Why I Won’t Let My Kids Play Video Games

Growing up, my brother and I never played video games because we didn’t have any. Our parents never got us any consoles or games, so we just never had them in the house. Of course, we’d go to friends’ houses and they would have video games, and we would sometimes play with them, but other than that I pretty much grew up without video games…and I think I turned out fine. In fact, I’m really grateful that my parents didn’t get me any video games as a child because it helped me learn a lot of different things, and ultimately shaped me into the person that I am today. My wife and I both strongly believe that we don’t want our kids playing video games either. Here are 8 reasons for why I won’t let my children have video games. 1. They’re expensive. Simple as that. This is the essential reason my parents didn’t get me video games as a kid; they just thought it was a waste of money. And I think that’s true! Not only are the video game consoles expensive, but the… Read More »Why I Won’t Let My Kids Play Video Games

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