What’s Wrong with Apologetics?

I’ve been an apologetics enthusiast ever since I watched William Lane Craig as a sophomore in high school. Like many, I grew up a little Craig-disciple echoing the oft repeated arguments I heard. I loved watching the debates, the conferences, the panels. (In fact, I wrote my high school senior thesis on the moral argument for God’s existence.) That love persisted throughout college as I chose to major in philosophy. At one point I wrote a post titled “4 Reasons Not to Dismiss Apologetics,” and the very first entries I wrote for this blog (six years ago now!) are titled, “Why I Believe in God” where I rehash a few of the standard theistic arguments. After graduate school, I even taught Apologetics at a Christian college. And through my current work, I still desire to engage in the task of defending and explaining the truth of the Christian faith. All of this to say, I have a deep appreciation for apologetics. But something has gone wrong in modern day apologetics, and I think it has something to do with the absence of a sapiential approach… Read More »What’s Wrong with Apologetics?

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“Ask Me A Question”

Do we ask each other good questions?

Are we eager to speak or listen?

Why does this matter?

More and more I’ve been convicted of the value of asking good questions.Three memories come to mind as I reflect on the significance of questions.

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The Strange Rules of “Check Your Privilege”

It is tempting to think that our culture is becoming less and less a place where the principles of reason are valued, especially in areas where they should be.

As evidence of this, I recently came across an article by a university professor entitled, “I’m a Mom And A Vaccine Researcher. Here’s Why You Should Vaccinate Your Children.” I’m always keen to read a good argument, especially if it is one that I have not heard before, so I read the article.

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