Why I Believe In God – Part 1

I think it’s valuable to have good reasons for believing that God exists, and some of those reasons include philosophical arguments. Though I don’t think it’s necessary for Christians to know all the philosophical arguments for God’s existence, I do think that it proves incredibly beneficial and assuring for the Christian person’s faith; and I think most Christians particularly in North America and Europe really don’t have an excuse for not knowing the arguments. That being said, I want to explain the arguments for belief in God which  compel me the most:

The Kalam Cosmological Argument. This argument was made popular by William Lane Craig, and it goes as follows:

Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
The universe began to exist.
Therefore the universe had a cause.

I find this argument very compelling for its simplicity yet strength. The first premise is undoubtedly true. Out of nothing, nothing comes. I can’t think of anything in my experience that has come into being without a cause. The second premise is evident given that an infinite regress of events doesn’t make sense. If the universe has always existed, we would never come to the present moment because there would have been an infinite amount of moments prior to arriving at this present moment. Additionally, scientific evidence shows that the universe began to exist. Edwin Hubble confirmed that the universe is expanding, and that the universe had a beginning in the finite past. So, it follows that the universe must have a cause. What sort of cause is this? It would make sense for this cause to be spaceless and timeless since the universe exists within space and time. Additionally, the cause would have to be personal and extremely powerful since only personal agents can cause things. A spaceless, timeless, powerful, personal agent who caused the universe is what we call God.  

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