Why I Believe in God – Part 4

In my previous posts about why I believe in God, I offered some philosophical arguments for God’s existence. But there are also what I call personal and subjective reasons for my belief in God which I want to acknowledge.

First, I have received an overwhelming and supernatural sense of awe and wonder through nature. Growing up in Arizona, I would often look up at the sky at night, and the sky would literally be covered in stars! Looking up above made you feel so minuscule and insignificant. I felt that there was something much greater beyond myself and even beyond the skies. I believe this greatness that I sensed is God. This of course is just one of many times, in which I’ve been overwhelmed by the beauty and vastness of nature which seems to cry out for a Creator.

Second, God speaks to me. I can talk to God, He hears me, and He responds to me. In times of crisis, God has spoken to me offering comfort, wisdom, and direction. I remember a time God told me something about a close person in my life that I had no way of knowing, and I quickly discovered it to be true. Time and time again, this has happened, and not just to me but to many others I know as well. The conversations I have with God testify to the fact that He is real.

Finally, God gives my life meaning and hope. Sometimes life can feel incredibly frustrating and unsatisfying and if God did not exist, then life would just consist of meaningless choices happening by accident and leading to nothing but death. Evil would go unpunished and unchecked. Goodness would go unrewarded. Once my time was up, it wouldn’t matter what I had done or how I had lived. What would be the point of living? But if God exists, then my life and the universe do have meaning and purpose. 


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